We attach a great deal of importance to commitment, accessibility, transparency and professionalism at Van Essen Lawyers.

We listen carefully to our clients, and try to think things through with them. We’re not too quick to form an opinion; instead we look for the solution that is the best, quickest and most affordable for the client.

In the process, we always try to work just that little bit harder than the rest, and to look beyond the usual solutions.  That may mean that, in consultation with you, we look at things on site, engage experts and consider alternative ways to bring the case to a successful conclusion.  We explain every step that we take in language that everyone can understand.

We stay abreast of developments by being members of various business associations in the field of our specialities. We take courses and keep our professional literature up to date. Each week, we discuss the latest development in the various legal fields and share our expertise so that we can arrive at the best solutions.

With a lawyer from Van Essen Lawyers at your side, you can rest assured that you will get the best possible assistance for all your legal issues. Lawyers from Van Essen Lawyers go to great lengths to get the best results for you.


Our firm has broad experience with the media. We are regularly asked to give our expert opinion on current affairs and developments. This applies to television, radio and the print media. We also approach the media if we believe that it is in the interests of your case. We only do this with your permission.

For instance,  has appeared in various Dutch television programmes, including Pauw en Witteman, Jinek, Knevel en Van den Brink, RTL Z in zaken, Goedemorgen Nederland, RTL Late Night, RTL Boulevard and Pro Deo. Articles about her work have appeared in leading Dutch newspapers including Het Algemeen Dagblad, Parool, NRC, and De Volkskrant, and in magazines like Nieuwe Revu.

Van Essen also assists and trains clients as well as professionals that come into contact with the media, be it of their own volition or not.


Van Essen Lawyers recognises that the world is in the throes of the digital revolution and is rapidly becoming more international. Van Essen keeps a close eye on these developments and processes them continually in its working methods.

In this way, we are increasingly operating in other (often European) countries where we generally collaborate with lawyers from these countries. We also regularly travel to other countries for discussions with clients who prefer to have one of our lawyers visit them in their own country.

With a view to digitisation and security, we receive and disseminate dossiers and other communication electronically as far as is possible.


If required, our services can also be provided electronically. This means that, at Van Essen Lawyers, you can pay in advance in our webshop for consultations that need to be scheduled at short notice and with a lawyer of your choice.

The consultations can be held at the office, by telephone or via Skype. You know in advance what the financial implications are, and you can have a proper lawyer-client consultation at short notice and from the comfort of your own home.
Make sure you check out our webshop.

It goes without saying that you are always welcome to come to our office for a client meeting with a lawyer and to pay your invoice by bank card or cash.


It goes without saying that we are always open to tips and feedback about our method of working! Don’t hesitate to e-mail us at