Getting the best and most satisfactory result in criminal proceedings is the aim of criminal defence lawyers. Since 2000, criminal defence lawyer Marielle van Essen has specialised in criminal law and the law of criminal procedure, and this defence counsel practising in Amsterdam is commonly successful in her handling of criminal cases. Success is achieved through her active and critical approach to criminal law case files. She studies the case files extremely critically, and if necessary additional research is requested with a view to finding out whether a charge has any weak areas.

With defence counsel Marielle van Essen, this goes hand in hand with a personal approach towards her clients, be they detainees or not. She regularly visits clients in custody, and she explains the substance of their criminal law case files clearly and in layman’s language, if necessary with an interpreter. In addition to this, she discusses with them which approach is likely to be most effective to bring the lawsuit to a successful conclusion. It is crucial for criminal defence lawyers, more so than any other kind of lawyer, to have a good relationship of trust with their clients. This female defence counsel knows how to combine discretion and confidentiality with a fighter’s mentality. Fighting for your rights in your criminal proceedings.


High-calibre criminal lawyers are crucial in major and complex criminal proceedings. The expertise that Van Essen law firm has stands head and shoulders above average criminal law firms.

And this is not only true for white-collar crime, the same goes for criminal organisations involved in skimming, drug trafficking, trafficking in women, people smuggling, and terrorism: they can all seek the advice of criminal defence lawyer Marielle van Essen.

This makes defence counsel Van Essen from Amsterdam the right person to approach for immediate assistance if you find yourself embroiled in criminal proceedings in the Netherlands or abroad. It is essential to call without delay if you have criminal law problems: wasting time can have serious negative implications for the case. You can count on discretion and empathy for your case.

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