J.E. Justin Kötter LL.M.

Justin Kötter graduated from the VU University of Amsterdam with Dutch private law, criminal law and the law of criminal procedure as his specialities.

In his two master theses, he researched the scope of freedom of expression for politicians, and employer’s liability for damages arising from intentional acts on the part of a third party.

As a student, Kötter worked for various law firms in Amsterdam. During his study, he also worked for the voluntary legal advice centre in Bijlmermeer.

Kötter has been with Van Essen Lawyers since April 2016.
At our firm, Justin focuses on criminal and civil cases.
In addition to this, he is particularly interested in cases appearing before the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.
Kötter distinguishes himself by his excellent knowledge of the law and his analytical capacities.

Justin can be reached by e-mail at
By telephone on +31 (0)20 3080085 or in emergencies on +31 (0)6 42306913


  • General criminal law
  • Vice offences
  • Homicide and other violent offences
  • Discrimination and insultcases
  • Offences under the Opium Act
  • Appeal in cassation


Netherlands Bar Association