Mr. Marielle van Essen LL.M.

Marielle van Essen is a criminal defence lawyer through and through. Since 2002, she has been practising in the Netherlands and abroad on behalf of clients who have found themselves involved in criminal cases.

Clients describe Van Essen as a true criminal defence lawyer: driven, tenacious and fearless.  She knows how to combine these characteristics with extensive and up-to-date expertise and experience in and about criminal law and the law of criminal procedure.

Van Essen handles a range of often complex criminal proceedings, like homicide and other violent offences (murder, manslaughter, abuse), property offences (theft, burglary, ATM gas attacks, muggings, robberies) money laundering, trafficking in women, vice cases (rape/indecent acts), drug smuggling and trade, fraud (general but also the more specific cases like property, VAT and financial fraud), financial offences and criminal organisations. Criminal cases regularly go hand in hand with confiscation proceedings, extradition cases and cases involving the surrendering of individuals, as well as compulsory admission to psychiatric hospitals (cases that fall under the Psychiatric Hospitals (Compulsory Admissions) Act, also known as court authorisation cases). Hourly rate for consultation  €300,00.

Marielle can be reached by e-mail on 
By telephone on +31 (0)20 3080085 or in emergencies on +31 (0)6 42306929


  • General criminal law
  • Money laundering
  • Fraud
  • Criminal organisations
  • Extradition cases and cases involving the surrendering of individuals
  • Compulsory admission to psychiatric hospitals


  • Netherlands Bar Association
  • Dutch Association of Defence Counsel
  • European Criminal Bar Association
  • International Criminal Bar
  • Dutch Section of the International Commission of Jurists
  • Dutch Association of Psychiatric Patients Law Attorneys
  • Dutch Law and Psychiatry Society


  • 2001: clerk of the court at the 6th criminal division of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.
  • 2002: criminal defence lawyer and partner at Koers & Kruyswijk Advocaten in Amsterdam.
  • 2003: independent criminal defence lawyer at Plasman Advocaten in Amsterdam.
  • 2008: co-founder and director of Korver & Van Essen Lawyers | lawyers in Amsterdam.
  • 2015: founder and director of Van Essen Lawyers in Amsterdam.