Mike Jonk LL.M.

In 2015, Mike Jonk graduated cum laude from the University of Amsterdam, with a specialism in Dutch criminal law and the law of criminal procedure. His dissertation was on criminal law restrictions to freedom of expression.

During his study, Jonk did internships at law firms in Amsterdam and Haarlem, where he gained the necessary practical experience. He also worked for the Legal Services for Prisoners Foundation (Stichting Juridisch Spreekuur Gedetineerden), first as a legal assistant and later as the chairman.

After graduating, Jonk worked as a researcher at the University of Amsterdam. In this capacity, he conducted research on behalf of the Research and Documentation Centre (WODC) in the context of modernising the Dutch Code of Criminal Procedures. This research was published (ISBN 978-90-3610-457-9).

In 2016, Jonk started working as a lawyer at a well-known firm in Amsterdam. He has been working as a lawyer at Van Essen Lawyers since 2017. At our firm, Jonk focuses mainly on complex and less complex general criminal cases.

Mike can be reached by e-mail at jonk@vanessen-advocaten.nl

By telephone on +31 (0)20 3080085 or in emergencies on +31 (0)6 34714332


  • General criminal law
  • Money laundering
  • Fraud and property offences
  • Offences under the Opium Act
  • Homicide and other violent offences


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